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Well Redpants is gone, "like a steam-locomotive rollin' down the tracks..."
destined for success in the great state of Vermont. As Redpants has been settling into his new digs, the Sugarman has continued on with his musical journey.
Lately, Sug has been filling his time with 'the Blues'! After a recent interview and several impromptu jam sessions with local DC Blues great Robert Lighthouse, the Sugarman wrote a short biography about the man, his life and the journey that brought Lighthouse to where he is today. (to be posted!) Still playing and writing music on a regular basis, the Sugarman is currently preparing to launch his next new musical project... As the Sugarman has continued forging ahead with the musical spirit and tradition of RPSM,
so has Redpants. Currently, he has a new project in-the-works! Keep an eye out for Redpants and his new band busting out on to the Burlington, VT music scene very soon!

Over the recent holidays, Redpants and the Sugarman had the opportunity to enjoy some incredibly-magical-musical jam sessions. In fact, there's even been some talk of setting aside some studio-time next time Redpants is in the DC area to capture some of that magic! It seems no matter where they are, how near or how far, the spirit that is RPSM carries on!
"Cat on a tin roof.. Dogs in a pile... Nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile!!!"  ~ Sug

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