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redpants ramblings
NOVEMBER 8, 2004
Winooski, VT

First snow of the year this morning.

Sure comes early in Vermont.

Welcome to the new Ramblings for this moment of this day in history.

Today we will talk about Rambling in general. Rambling on about an exciting subject, Rambling across the country side with no cares but to have no cares, Rambling on from a relationship for better or worse, or boiled down, simply, moving on.

I am a rambling myself right now, new job, new life blossoming afresh every new moment. Stretching matter over time and rearranging in a perfectionists perfect Tetris game. Memories do linger but with a more airy feeling than they ever have attained past. So now falling harder and harder in love with music and deciding with this newly recharged spirit it is time to make it real internally. Just accept music as more of an organ than thought, more blood than joyful bliss but with that still carried within.

Life can really be so very grand and tamely playful while engulfing and enlightening brightly always; just gotta grab on with a finger tip.

And like ET, phone home.

Love ya, RP

redpants ramblings
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