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A beautiful sunny day graced our Arts in the Park gig. Good feelings and vibes all around, literally. The audience was spread out circling around the park on benches avoiding the sunrays while still grooving to the music waves. There was a group of folks in front of us sitting on the grass braving the heat, but they started moving to the outskirts as the gig and heat intensified. It really was a great feeling to play in front of such an attentive audience.

I was told afterwards, by the lovely Miss Julia, that even the passers-by who stopped to check us out didnít leave and thatmeant more than words can describe. To me the music just felt right. I was a little worried because we hadnít practiced much before the gig and we had added some new toys to accent our sound. Alas, my worries were completely unfounded.

Everything, music-wise, fit like a glove. It had the comfort levelof a great practice session with an audience who liked what they heard. I honestly could not have asked for anything more. Music can really take the soul to another place; awareness of physical surroundings fade when the right groove is reached. This band means a lot to me and I am overjoyed to see others vibe on the music.

That's what Redpants and the Sugarman is about... sharing the vibe. - RP

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