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redpants ramblings
MARCH 8, 2004
5:22am - Winooski, VT

Well, it has been almost been five years since I, and a lot of other very lucky people, lost my (our) friend Marc Schlossberg. I was just sitting here this morning watching a tribute to George Harrison, thinking of my friendship with Mark Ferber when it hit methat what my subconscious was really leading me to was this deep mourning that needed to surface for my lost buddy (brother) Schloss. A couple days ago I relived the story and recounted it to a friend at work stressing how sad it was and still actively is to think about and what was lost in losing Marc.

I learned so much about such important things in my short time with Marc. He was a great friend and teacher. The biggest lesson was patience, next kindness and then compassion. I wasn't oblivious to these notions or even opposed, but after sharing a friendship with Marc I understood them with a deeper appreciation. Marc was such a great guy and it seriously hurts to write about him in the past tense. His soul IS a powerful being. He IS still with all of of us. His memory WILL be cherished into eternityand one day our souls will all meet up and we will all laugh about our days back then... when life was soinnocent and Marc was just a phone call away, I still sigh every time I hear the song 'Happy Friends' playing.

What do we all do now? Growing older is a fascinating experience as the rolling sense and airy presence dominate my being and memories are framed with gold and placed in plain view. To never be forgot or not be learned from. To be cherished and given due respect. Might have never liked Ledo. For that I thank my folks who so loved it that they had to pass me the weight."And boy, you gotta carry that weight; carry that weight a long time." Can't thank Ledo enough for placing me next to Schloss on that stainless steel pizza counter. Waiting for pies to come up, to deliver, to eat. We both were in love with the same girl. And in the end laughed, belly-laughed about it. Staci, you were great. But Marc... I love you man. You made life so great for the time I knew ya. Will never forget sitting in that campground up in Darien waitingfor the Fleezer. Or during Red Rocks 96 waiting for the Creatures. Or down in your basement paridise with you, Ferb and me, playing the music of the moment... one last time. It was amazing to have you there and to be there. Five long years of reflection and memories.

The pain still cuts, deep. But out of it has come comfort and love.
"There are places I remember... I love you more" , - Redpants ("Jooooooeeeeeeeyyyyyy")

redpants ramblings
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